intimate, authentic & timeless photos that capture the way it felt. freezing raw moments of emotion & joy, JUST AS IT Is--Messy, beautiful, and personal.

hi, i’m mads!

I'm an engagement + wedding photographer living in seattle, washington with a love of beauty who finds deep joy and fulfillment in helping people. I’m a 6w5 on the ennagram, a black coffee drinker, and an podcast junkie. I’m really into gilmore girls, personality tests, and topo chico. I am passionate about the gospel, hospitality, oatly cappuccinos + pursuing all things with excellence. I am fiercely loyal, have a hard time with change, and big on saturday mornings. I love making people feel known, heard, and loved. I think context is key and I love to help tell a story. And I like to take photos of the way things feel, not simply what they look like.

Long story short, I’m Maddie. It’s nice to meet you!


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